Dreamscapes presents a collection of decorative and fine arts with both a surrealist and an allegorical perspective.  National artists in the show include painters Nancy Witt, Juan Perdiguero and Alicia Suarez.  Also featured are Richmond artists Catherine Brooks, Josh George and Sean Yu, as well as photographer Jeremy Witt.  The decorative arts are represented by local artists Catherine Roseberry, Maurice Beane and Harrison Higgins. Works in glass by recent VCU graduates Sibelle Yuksek, Catherine Kim and Sean Donlon are also included. Expanding on the Dreamscapes theme are decorative elements that complement the art work -  an antique bed from the Paris Flea Market, Art Nouveau jewelry, a classical architectural head. The show reflects Geraldine Duskin’s attraction to the art of the surrealists, Freudian concepts of free association, dream analysis and the unconscious that liberates the imagination, as well as Jungian archetypes and art that is ambiguous and eccentric.  Dreamscapes coincides with the addition of Duskin’s interior design work, which can be found here, where she combines art and design for discerning clients who seek sophisticated interiors that reflect and enhance the aesthetic of their art collections.