Amaya says:"I like to meditate on the patterns all around us that carry an inexplicable meaning , a feeling that starts with the eyes but ends up floating in the space inches above the head – beheld, but unknown." These patterns appear in the intimate similarity of trees, maps, telephone lines in his paintings, indicating the web-like lattice that structures his reality. Through extensive travels to mysterious sites such as Easter Island, Machu Pichu and the Nazca Lines, Amaya experienced the sense of the past manifested in the present moment. This led him to ask,”Ubi sunt? ” Where are those who have gone before? By channeling this sensitivity into his work, Amaya paints some of those complexities that may be difficult to describe in language. Born in Wheeling ,West Virginia , Amaya studied art and architecture at the University of Michigan, printmaking at West Virginia University and painting at S.U.N.Y. Buffalo. He now resides and teaches in Buffalo , N. Y.