Ghostprint refers to the monotype process in which a single original print is made from a painted plate. Remaining pigment will produce only a faint impression of the first, called the ghost. In this spirit of subtle reflection, Ghostprint Gallery is dedicated to an inclusive redefinition of "fine art." Representing a full range from the undiscovered cutting edge, to internationally recognized artists, and from non-traditional media to oil painting, this mercurial approach seeks to bring seemingly disparate elements together in an enlightened perspective on art itself.

Ghostprint Gallery is cooperatively owned and operated and curated by Dorothea and Geraldine Duskin.

Dorothea Duskin is an internationally showing, mixed media artist who shows in Richmond, VA.

Geraldine Duskin has been a twentieth century decorative and fine arts dealer for the past three decades, and has also had a successful career in costume design in New York State Theater and selected films.