Perros Indalo, a show of work by Juan Perdiguero opens at Ghostprint Gallery on Thursday, May 3 with an artist’s preview reception from 6–8 pm. The exhibition continues on First Friday, May 4 from 6-9 p.m. and remains on view through May 26. Perros Indalo refers to the stray and watch dogs observed by Perdiguero in Almeria, Spain where he was participating in an international artists residency. The Indalo is a ghost of regional legend and is represented by a prehistoric magical symbol painted on the buildings to protect them from evil. In these works the artist explores on the psychological level the ambiguous line where “the human and the animal meet”.Technically they are also a hybrid as Perdiguero fuses and manipulates the borders between photography and drawing.The backgrounds are photo representations of the native vegetation of the Almeria region while the dogs are drawn in etching ink, their rendering inspired by Western classical portraiture. Perdiguero states: “ These canine renderings explore the “animality”, the state of being an animal we all carry in our existential nature……. they are metaphorical portraits of the human condition.”