“Working in this scale had to involve my whole body... I had to wrestle with the paintings, like I wrestle with the questions they’re trying to take up.” - Josh George


Josh George’s imagination takes a darker turn in The Scientific Method as he explores some of the more sinister aspects of our times.  He represents figuratively and with his dry wit topics such as organ harvesting and who holds power over our lives.  The scope of these subjects made working large inevitable.


Using his signature collage/painting technique, George builds up a dynamic surface texture which leads the viewer to wonder what lies beneath the surface - the medium reveals/conceals the message.


Conceptually and representationally, this is powerful and thought-provoking work.


Josh George shows regularly in Italy, New York and his birth place, Kansas City. He lectures at The Art Department (where he is also Studio Lead) and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, as well as Pratt Institute and Accademia di Arte di Brescia, Italy.