Peter Fowler grew up in Denver, Colorado and is a graduate of Colorado College. Peter's career blossomed after he moved to Seville, Spain in 1989, where he lived and painted for ten years, showing regularly at the Pablo del Barco Gallery and Spatium Gallery in Tavira, Portugal. A prolific painter, Fowler’s subjects range from loosely painted landscapes to theatrical café scenes peopled by imaginary figures. His bravura brushwork and luscious use of paint produce canvases suffused with a joyful energy. Many of the recent paintings feature poured aluminum paint which gives the works a dynamic texture and a shifting silvery light. Fowler’s work has been widely exhibited and collected in Spain, Portugal, and New York City. He now owns and operates "Kepa3 Gallery" in Buffalo, New York with his wife, Kathi Rousell, an accomplished jeweler and ceramicist.