The Spoils of Saint Hubris is the first part of an ongoing body of work entitled The Spoils. The inspiration for the paintings is the story of St. Hubert and Arthurian Legend. Hundley uses his intense skill as a conceptual image-maker to symbolically portray human ambition and how culture attempts to bring order from chaos. These works are an exploration of timeless themes and bridge the chasm between technology and tradition in both content and method. Says Hundley, “I navigate the gauntlet of abstraction to arrive just this side of representational.” One of the most highly acclaimed illustrators of the past decade, Hundley’s commercial work has appeared in magazines from Rolling Stone to the Atlantic Monthly, and from Broadway, to the Grammy’s, even Major League Baseball. He holds accolades from the Society of Illustrators New York and the Illustrators Club in Washington, DC, and is frequently featured in articles in Communication Arts magazine. Hundley currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. He is the Director of the Richmond, Virginia branch of The Art Department, an innovative, international art and design program that offers a hybrid of online and hands-on studio training.