The exhibition will open on Thursday, October 3 at Ghostprint Gallery with an artist's preview reception from 6-9 pm.  The show remains on view through November 30.

Micropolis presents George’s interpretation of city living: the urban landscape and how he imagines we interact with and within it.  Using his signature painting/collage technique, George prepares a panel with layers of maps (usually of Italy), wallpaper and other elements. Once this foundation is laid down, the figures are painted in, then embellished with additional collage that further enriches them. George’s vibrant colors combine with the complex layering to create an visual experience that is exciting for the viewer.

According to George, the series of paintings is both a love letter and a regret letter to two cities he considers home— New York and Richmond.  “Each place is rich and beautiful—gritty and limited and frustrating in its own way,” he says.

After ten years of living in Brooklyn and now four in Richmond, George realizes that neither place satisfies fully.  “Even while I accept the bats flying over the lakes in Byrd Park and tolerate the rats crawling around the subway platforms in NY, each city inspires in me a unique longing to be somewhere else. This search for the perfect place seems modern and human to me—many of us might be looking for places that just don’t exist.  In short, I feel a sort of restlessness that I try to temper by appreciating all the gritty, gnarly beauty both places offer.”

Josh George shows regularly in Italy, New York and Kansas City, his birth place. He lectures at The Art Department (also Studio Lead) and VCU in Richmond, Pratt Institute and Accademia di Arte di Brescia, Italy.