The title of the show, Group Photo, describes the artist’s raw material: anonymous group photos from the turn of the 20th century that Gordon photographs, enlarges and collages with found objects. He describes this process of replication and removal from the original as “populating the process with free radicals: chance, distortion, mutation.” In this work, Gordon is exploring the creative synergy between the photographer and the photographed, the collective self represented by the group shot and the presence of the lone individual within the group.

Gordon is a member of House Press and former co-editor of string of small machines, a number of limited edition poetry collections. A published poet, he has also done a series of rubbings inspired by David Baptiste-Chirot, whose visual poetry discovers links between language, visual art and politics. A community organizer, Gordon is project co-ordinator of the WASH Project in Buffalo, NY with Zaw Win, a Burmese activist who is a proponent of human rights. WASH (Westside Art Strategy Happenings) is a cultural hub located in Mr. Win’s laundry. It contains an art studio and an information and learning center, along with a study spot, clothing and book exchange, art gallery, and lending library. Gordon has also worked as an archivist and librarian.

Gordon has an undergraduate degree in English from S.U.N.Y. Buffalo and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Dominican University in Chicago.