The title of the show, Rêverie, evokes the elusive figures Python portrays—many of them beautiful women in dream- like situations, dreams that dissolve upon awakening and leave only a haunting memory.

Born in France, Python moved to the South Pacific island of Tahiti at a young age.  Water and fish appear in many of her paintings, imagery that must be drawn from that formative period of her life.  A six months artist’s residency in Shanghai in 2007 added a subtle new dimension to her mature work. Python is not given to discussions about her art.  She says only that it is “a documentary of the people and situations that have made an impact on my life.”   Python’s degree in Fine Arts /Illustration is from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada.  Her paintings have been shown in Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Soho (Opera Gallery) and other venues in New York City.  Ghostprint Gallery presented her earlier works in 2011. Python’s illustrations have appeared in American Illustration, Communication Arts, and Print Magazine. She does illustration work for a wide range of clients including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Harper's, Nylon, The Utne Reader, Playboy and Elektra Records.