The subjects Keys chooses to represent show their "inner nature", expressed through her subjective mood , rather than referencing the external world . Particularly in her most recent work , they become
independent of naturalistic colors and shapes, conveying sensation before likeness. Each work will be Untitled in order to leave the viewer free to interpret it independent of the artist.

Jeanie Keys describes herself as , "an intrepid seeker of the inner world" and the imagery in Out of Sight springs from this exploration of the subconscious. It's the process, often revealed through dreams, which uncovers those emotional experiences hidden from everyday perception.

"I try to understand what it is to be alive... to feel... to question... to observe... and to translate this intangible sense through my work. I explore and express the feelings of what's dark and scary within". This leads Keys to pose the question: "Can we more easily experience and accept the dark in ourselves, the conflicts, the struggles if we see its resonance in an image .....? Do we have to decipher everything in words....or is an image enough to understand a truth?"

Keys is of Hungarian descent and resided in Northern Virginia before relocating to Richmond over a year ago.She received her degree from Longwood University and has had a longstanding career as a commercial as well as fine artist. Her water colors were carried nationally in Nordstrom's gift shops for 15 years and her work is in a number of important private collections , including Oprah Winfrey's.