Ghostprint Gallery was pleased to participate in Aqua Art Miami for the third consecutive year. The first week of December in Miami is an incredibly charged and vibrant atmosphere with thousands of art collectors/lovers thronging the many art fairs.
With its proximity to Art Basel and continuous shuttle service to Art Miami , Aqua is one of the top attended satellite art events for collectors, artists, curators, critics and art enthusiasts alike. It is also a most enjoyable venue with it's doors opening onto the palm-treed courtyard.
We presented work by Josh George , Anita Kunz , Benjamin Sack and Amanda Wachob.
Important sales included Ben Sack’s work acquired by 21c Museum Hotels and Josh George’s by Capitol One.
Josh George paints with oils and acrylics on wood panel and incorporates layers of collage to achieve a texture idiosyncratic to his work. His subjects include human figures, cityscapes, and scenes of everyday existence that capture the multifaceted nature of life in the American city. At once playful and complex, his images are imbued with the grace of the 16th-17th century Italian masters he admires , Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Annibale Carracci. George's glimmering colors, layering of collage materials, and strong painterly effects create works that are both sophisticated and theatrical.
Anita Kunz is a renowned Canadian-born artist and illustrator whose work has been published internationally for nearly three decades. Her work is characterized by an interest in politics, social justice and the human condition.  Recently Kunz shifted focus from overt political commentary to archetypal and anthropological themes: “I’m not saying illustration is dead or anything like that at all! Far from it. I just think the rules have changed. I’m feeling more controlled, more compromised, and I now feel compelled to make personal work that’s 100% mine’’.
Ben Sack creates imaginary cityscapes of extraordinary complexity and detail, filled with myriads of miniature and sometimes recognizable buildings. His technical skill is matched by his vision :
I've always been fascinated by "the big picture." The grand idea of sublimity. All the artists who I admire have in their careers been able to capture this idea. An artist is one who creates worlds, for me I'm after the world of the sublime.”
Amanda Wachob is a New York based painter and tattoo artist who works in a number of media . The unifying element throughout Wachob's work is her painterly style and control of the medium.
To quote Hilary Greenbaum in the N.Y.Times :  "Her originality within the field pays homage to the defiance of her trade’s origins, while the exuberance of her work acknowledges the living and breathing
vitality of her medium."