Jean-Ignace-Isidore Gerard (1803-1847), known as J.J. Grandville, was a French illustrator and caricaturist. The illustrations in this series are taken from his Scenes de la Vie Privee et Publique des Animaux (Scenes of the Private and Public Life of the Animals), also known as Les Animaux (1840-1842). There is an immense charm to these animals dressed in their ornate period garments.

The Grandville Series is an exercise in complex screen printing. The utilization of rich color, ink transparency, and halftone blending techniques all showcase the artistic potential of the medium. Each limited-edition serigraph isolates elements from Grandville’s single-color drawings, removing them from their nineteenth-century context to display them in a new world of color.

Triple Stamp Press is a professional water-based screen printing shop based in Old Town Manchester, Richmond , VA. Wil Loyal is the head printmaker, artist, and director of The Grandville Series , he has been printing for over 15 years. Loyal founded Triple Stamp Press in 2010 with Jonathan Vassar.