Lucid Dreaming presents new work by four figurative artists, Fielding Archer, Peter Fowler, Andréa Keys Connell, and Jeanie Keys.
 Keys, a Richmond artist, is a graduate of Longwood University and has had a long career in commercial and fine art.  For many years, her watercolors have been carried by a major national retail venue.  Her new work in still life painting is powered subtly by complex forms and rich color.  Keys says she is interested in patterns, textures, materials and overlays that enhance the subjects she chooses to paint. Archer is a native Virginian and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University.  He also studied with American painter Julian Binford;  Archer is known for his portraiture as well as the delicacy of color and form in his still lifes, landscapes and other figurative works.  He notes that the theme of the current show reflects the "dreamlike essence" of the familiar and imagined images in his mind that he transfers to his paintings; Fowler, of Buffalo, New York, lived and painted for many years in Seville, Spain.  This experience is seen in his bravura brushwork and luscious use of paint to create loosely structured cityscapes and landscapes.  His work often includes metallic paint that adds a shimmering, dreamlike glow to the surface.  Fowler says, "This landscape series, staged in a harbor, takes the viewer. . . from a traditional sunset to symbolic chaos, all in six canvases."